To Inspire and to Transform

The year 2016 has begun with a marvelous celebration of the history and the people of our congregation, with the dedication of the historic organ and new sanctuary furnishings on January 10th. I applaud and honor your—the People of First United Methodist Church—vision and commitment. I also recognize and celebrate the uplifting spirit of community in our city. We were at the receiving end of the generous support of so many individuals, and religious and civic organizations. Without the community support this project would not have been possible. We will seek opportunities to give back and contribute to building the community that is life-affirming and life-giving to all its members. Rev. Melanie Rosa, the District Superintendent of the Miles High/Pikes Peak District participated in the celebration and dedication of the organ in behalf of the Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Conference. She opened and closed her sermon with these words:

“I am so honored to be able to share the celebration of the re-dedication of the Bigelow organ opus #38 here at first UMC. What a masterpiece! And what a community effort that reflects the support and generosity of such a diverse array of community partners. Your support is a great gift to ensure that this magnificent organ will be making sacred music for generations to come. Truly a great accomplishment and celebration…………………..

“Thanks to all of you for making sure god’s people can sing, be inspired and transformed by sacred music in this place for generations to come.”

I have so many people to thank too, especially Scott Mills, our organist and music director, for his original vision and perseverance throughout the campaign. And yes, we will continue to sing and pray and proclaim the Word in this place for generations to come, to inspire and to transform.

Lent the season of transformation is upon us. We begin the observation of Lent with Ash Wednesday service, February 10th, 7:00 PM. Align yourself—your body, mind and soul—with the rhythm of the Christian year and be benefited by the opportunities of transformation that it offers. Practice living in God’s grace by devoting designated time to be with God in prayer and meditation each day. Practice if you will fasting one meal a week or even one day a week during Lent. Add to your life’s routine service to others and random act of kindness. Don’t treat them as a means to achieve something but a way of being alive in God. I so look forward to journeying with you.

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