Hope Is on the Way

God’s love changes everything. That God loves us is not an idea, not a theological proposition. God’s love is as real as a baby born to an unwed Jewish peasant girl whose name was Mary. It won’t do us any good if Jesus was born to Mary and not born in us too. I want to stop and ponder in this season of Advent the miracle of Emmanuel—God with Us. I want to know where and how my life can be more in tune with the heart of God. I want to repent and re-focus.

 It is good and necessary that we have the rhythm of the liturgical seasons. Over time our lives get cluttered and lose focus. We need to be reminded what really counts in life time and again. When the world around us may revolve around the shopping seasons my prayer is that we are a bit more loving, a bit more peaceable, a bit more grateful and joyous, a bit more grounded than this time around a year ago, going deeper into the divine mystery of life lived in God’s love and grace. So regard the yet another beginning of the church year as a gift. Know that hope is on the way. It is also a gift we can give one another. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” We all know how hectic life can be in this season. Do all you can to make room for God, not to ask God to do something for you but to empty your heart so that Jesus may be born in you.

 There will be two worship services on Christmas Eve. 6:00 PM service will be a Family Christmas Celebration featuring chancel choir and children’s Christmas pageant. This year we plan to have a reception after the service. You may bring goodies to share when you come. We’ll also have a late night vigil at 11:00 PM. It will be a time of quietness, prayer and contemplation. Communion will be served at the late night service.

 Finally, what do you want under your Christmas tree? If God had a Christmas tree what would God want? This year, can we be the gift under God’s Christmas tree?

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