Greetings and Grace to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

“Excited” is the word that comes to mind when i think about our ministry together! I am looking forward to serving as your pastor and going whereever God is leading us. The first few months of sermons and my time during the week will focus on getting to know one another, especially me getting to know you.

One pastor serving 2 churches will be a new experience for all of us, and so far, so good. My conversations with leaders from both churches about the Sunday morning schedule have set a positive tone of open communication, honesty and most of all, flexibility and openness to one another’s needs and strengths. We decided to work with the following schedule through Labor Day with an evaluation mid-August. At that time, we will determine the schedule for the school year, when Sunday School and choir resume, and then re-evaluate again in May.

The Sunday summer schedule will be:

8:30am First UMC Fellowship Breakfast
10:00am First UMC Worship Service
11:15am Centenary UMC Worship Service
12:30pm Centenary UMC Fellowship Time

Basically, I will be at First during the first part of the morning and Centenary during the second part of the morning. I would like to visit with as many people as possible during the fellowship times at each church. So if you are a member of First, I hope you will choose to participate in the Fellowship Breakfast so that I can greet you each Sunday. And I will plan to stay for the Centenary fellowship time for the same purpose with the folks at Centenary.

I believe deep down in my heart that God has prepared us all for this moment. I am ready for the glory that comes with serving the Lord, and the challenges that come with being human.


Rev. Elizabeth

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