Elizabeth’s Epiphanies (September)

Worship is central to the community of faith. It is the time when we gather to glorify the one who creates, redeems and sustains us. In worship, we acknowledge our relationship to God. Worship is an active verb, not a passive one. The people in front – the pastor, the liturgist, the organist, and the choir – facilitate worship. They have a leadership role in creating an environment for worship. But their goal is to please God, not the people in the pews. The people in the pews are not “the audience”. Instead, God is the “audience”. It is God to whom we direct all of our activities. The people in the congregation are the “actors”, or in other words, the people demonstrating their praise to God.

There are several ways to participate in worship beyond your attendance on Sunday mornings. People are needed as liturgists, ushers, greeters, communion servers, musicians, singers, and sound techs. A schedule for the next few months is included in this newsletter. Please let me know if you would like to help in the coming months.

People can become tangled up in the logistics of worship – whether to stand or to kneel for communion, whether to use traditional or contemporary music, which translation of the Bible to use. And we approach worship as consumers, looking for a worship service that pleases us.

Through worship, we also receive the strength and guidance we need for the journey of our lives. I strive to provide a sermon that is relevant and meaningful, and delivered effectively. I select prayers that help us reflect on our lives and encourage us. But that is not the main point. The main point of worship is to glorify God. Sometimes people are disappointed with worship because they “didn’t get anything out of it”.

Did God get anything out of it? Did the people truly worship God? Did we place ourselves in a right relationship with God as the source of all our blessings? Did we earnestly give thanks and praise to God?

Those are the questions I hope we will ask ourselves each Sunday.

Rev. Elizabeth

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