Come, Grow with Us

Summer is a season of growth. Green is the liturgical color signifying the growing and spreading of the Good News of the Kingdom of God; the inward and outward spiritual growth. We will have a green-themed banner outside our church building inviting people to come and grow with us. And it is designed by our own Green, Mike Green. (Photo)

Some definitions of spirituality:

“Spirituality is the continual transformation of our spirit by the Spirit of Jesus” (Richard Hauser);
“Spirituality is a method of arriving at union with the Divine” (Donald Corcoran);
“Spirituality is a journey towards integration, a journey to individuation” (C. G. Jung);
“Spirituality is…an experience of life in the spirit, in the Spirit of Jesus who leads us to the Father” (Gervais Dumiege);
“It is extremely important to understand that the spiritual life is essentially the life of the heart created anew in grace…the interior attractions and instincts written in the heart by grace” (Placide Deseille);
“Spirituality is life; it is the manifold ways in which God, creation, nature, gift, identity, social factors, conscious project, gifts, grace, etc., flow together in me; it is the discovery and actualization of one’s true identity in God” (Donald Corcoran).

It is helpful for me to think of spirituality as learning to live life as Christ lived which “means the inward journey to the emptying and surrendering of the ego and the return journey to the midst of the world. It means to learn to die and rise again” (Dorothy Sollee). Through the practice we learn to appreciate things as they truly ought to be, including ourselves, and find our life-expressions in harmony with God’s own life in the world.

Many of you will travel during the summer. Travel offers us opportunities to remove ourselves from daily attachments and preoccupations, and see things as they are in their own places. May it lead us to the deepening of our hunger for God. Have a blessed summer. May God bless your journey.


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