Faith Journeys

Sharing our Faith Journeys is a way of building our Christian community, of being involved.  “Come and see” (John 1:46) are the words the disciple Philip says to his friend Nathaniel.  It was and is an invitation to friendship, discovery and discipleship.  This invitation is the journey that tells the stories that stir our hearts and helps us find our way. Stories help us understand each other. Stories transform our churches and change our lives. Ours is a storytelling God.  In God’s story we find our own and in our own stories, we find God at work in our lives and the lives of those whose lives touch ours.

Each of us has a story that tells something about our journey, an answer to the question, “What does my faith mean to me?”  Here are some of our journeys.

  • Becky Buxton – I have come to realize that it is all about people.
  • Dorothy Andersonshares how God heals the brokenness in her faith journey.
  • Diane Waldburgershares the importance of her parents in her faith journey.
  • Georgi Donovin – shares about the mothers that have influenced her faith journey.
  • Russell Rogers – tells about his family and his love for Jesus.
  • Carloyn Thurman – shares the Lord has blessed her throughout her life.
  • Claramae Akiyama – talks about her first and only “church home.”
  • Mark Annis – it only took 40 years to realize it.

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